Just Like Joseph
Just Like Joseph is an eclectic mix of upbeat, contemporary songs, from folk to jazz and light rock to Gospel music! This new collection of original songs are in Hebrew, English and even one song in Spanish. Enjoy the music and put on your dancing shoes! All the songs were written and recorded in the Galilee!


Deep Calls to Deep
Enter the throne room of grace as you listen to this soaking CD with its rich harmonies and sounds of the harp, cello, violin, recorder, Irish pennywhistle, guitar and more. The saz, setar and tar from Iran and Turkey provide a Middle-Eastern flavor and although these nations are two of Israel’s modern day enemies, one day we’ll worship the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob together so it’s a perfect sound to come from Israel!


The Latter Rain
The song styles on The Latter Rain vary from folk-blues to soft rock and from country-western to classical. Many of the songs on this CD such as Nothing Will Be Impossible, Out of Egypt, I Will Never Leave You, Rachman Rachem, were birthed while praying over many prodigals. There are twenty-eight Israeli musicians on this CD – Nothing synthetic here – it’s real music!


Fine Linen
Fine Linen has an earthy, natural tone that reflects its Israeli roots. Many of the songs are in Hebrew, but you’ll hear the lyrics in English as well; a great way to learn some Hebrew! Many people have described this music as having a touch of the blues. Songs include Fine Linen – a great wedding song, Shine, Cover Me, Ha Aretz and Hu Chai B’Tochi.